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Teen entitled to ESY when his reading skills quickly regressed during short breaks from instruction

Annette K. ex rel. C.K. v. State of Hawaii, Dep’t of Educ., 60 IDELR 278 (D. Hawaii 2013) (this case involves a student with severe dyslexia who had previously received extended school year services (ESY) after breaks from school of more than seven days. An IEP team met to discuss the student’s education, and determined that he was not eligible for ESY. The parent challenged the proposed IEP and unilaterally placed the student in a private school, and also hired a private reading tutor. The Hearing Officer found for the district, stating that though it was inappropriate to deny the student ESY, this was simply a procedural violation that did not fatally flaw the IEP. The parent appealed the Hearing Officer’s decision, arguing that the Hearing Officer’s finding that ESY was inappropriately denied to the student requires a finding that the student was denied a FAPE. The court reversed the Hearing Officer’s decision, finding no explanation for deeming the denial of ESY services as a procedural violation, rather than a substantive violation. Based on evidence of rapid regression in reading skills, and the student’s progress in the private school, the court found that the district failed to provide a FAPE to the student by denying him ESY services. The case was remanded back to the Hearing Officer to determine the proper relief, including whether the parent may be entitled to reimbursement for the unilateral placement and private reading tutor.

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